UR Medicine Heart Valve Center

Treating heart valve disease is complicated. It takes a complete understanding of valve disease—and all treatment options—to make the right decisions about each patient's care.

That's why, at UR Medicine, we have a center that is totally dedicated to valve disease and its treatments. The UR Medicine Heart Valve Center is completely focused on treating heart valve problems—offering comprehensive diagnosis and the latest treatment options for patients with valve disease.

Diagnostic Methods

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to form the most accurate diagnoses possible. We discuss all test results, therapeutic strategies and decisions with your referring or primary care physician to ensure you get the treatment that's right for you.

Our diagnostic methods include:

  • Transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography with 3D imaging
  • Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
  • Multi-detector computed tomography with 3D reconstruction
  • Cardiac catheterization

Treatment Options

Our multidisciplinary approach to valve treatment includes both cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons. That means we can offer a full range of treatment options—from interventional procedures to surgery—and can tailor your treatment to fit your exact needs.

Our treatment options include:

  • Advanced port-access surgery (mitral valve repair and replacement)
  • Balloon valvuloplasty (for mitral or aortic stenosis)
  • Percutaneous closure (for prosthetic valve paravalvular leaks)
  • Valve-sparing aortic root replacement
  • Complex mitral valve repair
  • Complex aortic root construction (all types)
  • Aortic valve repair
  • Minimally invasive aortic valve replacement
  • The Ross Procedure (replacement of aortic valve with pulmonary valve)
  • TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation)

Contact the UR Medicine Heart Valve Center

To learn more about valve disease or our advanced valve treatments, please call 585-275-2475.

To learn more about the TAVR procedure, please call 585-275-2877 or send an email to TAVR@urmc.rochester.edu.

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