Outpatient Cardiology

Most visits to your cardiologist don't require a stay in the hospital. Even highly advanced diagnostics are usually performed on an outpatient basis.

At URMC, our outpatient cardiology services provide you with the most leading edge ways to diagnose and treat heart disease.

URMC has more cardiologists than any hospital in the region, many of them with advanced training in specialized areas, like hypertension, heart failure and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol).

  • We provide sub-specialists in every area of cardiology to ensure that you receive the very best care.
  • We provide services at 12 locations throughout the region.
  • We provide the widest range of cardiac testing in the area, including cardiac MRI, cardiac CT angiography, radionuclide stress testing, MUGA, echocardiograms, stress echocardiograms and transesophageal cchocardiograms.
  • We work closely with other URMC specialists on issues such as kidney disorders, diabetes management and lung disease.
  • Our Women's Heart Program provides women with the special care they need from cardiologists who are specialists in women's heart health.
  • The Program in Heart Failure and Transplantation at URMC is the only program in the area offering the latest treatments for heart failure.
  • Through our Hypertension Clinic, we are able to identify effective treatments for patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure.
  • Our Lipid Clinic helps patients who have high or unusual levels of cholesterol.
  • Our Electrophysiology Lab leads the region in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders.
  • URMC has an extensive research programs that enables us to offer advanced treatments that may not be available at other hospitals for years.

Who to contact

Would you like to make sure you are getting the very best care for your heart? Then make an appointment with one of the cardiologists at URMC Cardiology. Call us at (585) 275-2475.

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