Rochester Cardiopulmonary Group

Planning Your Visit

Planning to visit RCPG? The guidelines below will help make your visit easier.

Your First Visit

When you arrive, you will be asked to register with our front desk. We will obtain general information about your insurance coverage and medical records. You will be asked to provide your most updated medication list, sign privacy forms, and fill out a medical questionnaire. For your convenience, we have included these forms on this website and you can submit the questionnaire and medication list electronically:

Your Appointment

If you are scheduled to see a physician, be prepared for an ECG and physical examination. Loose fitting clothes that allow the technician to place electrodes on the chest, arms and legs are recommended. For some patients, small areas of the chest may have to be shaven. If you have a stress test and may walk on a treadmill, comfortable walking shoes or sneakers are best.

Some stress tests require a patient to fast and not drink coffee or caffeinated beverages. Usually, we recommend taking all of your medications as prescribed, unless instructed otherwise by your physician. You should receive details about your test from our office. You can also visit the webpage Learn About Your Tests to get more information.

Medicine of the Highest Order