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The Highlands at Brighton

COVID-19 Updates

Medical Director Joseph Nicholas provides updates for residents and their families about care at the Highlands at Brighton during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent video is displayed. You can select previous videos from the playlist icon in the upper right corner. Please return to this website regularly for new updates.

The Highlands at Brighton is committed to providing families and county, state and federal agencies up-to-date information on COVID illnesses in residents.  This page provides the latest information on the number of resident cases or fatalities linked to COVID in our facility. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020
New cases of COVID-19 positive residents since prior day: 0
Cumulative: 0

New cases of COVID-19 positive staff since prior day: 0
Cumulative: 11

New onset of 3 or more residents or staff with respiratory symptoms within 72 hours of each other: 0
Cumulative: 0

Number of deaths of residents since prior day: 0
Cumulative: 0

Visitation Update

On July 10, New York State Department of Health released new guidance for nursing homes that would allow in-person visitation to resume. UR Medicine appreciates the State’s guidance and looks forward to welcoming visitors back to our long-term care facilities—The Highlands at Brighton and Highlands Living Center. It’s important to note that all facilities must submit their visitation plans to the state before limited visitation can resume. Our facilities are already working to submit these. We have alerted our residents and their families and will keep them informed of our progress as we work to enable in-person visitation as quickly as possible.

Working to Keep Residents and Staff Members Safe

Any staff member with symptoms of COVID, being tested for COVID, or having a diagnosis of COVID, are kept out of work until they have been symptom-free for several days, and cleared to return to work by the Monroe County Health Department. 

We have adapted the latest evidence-based local and federal health guidelines to protect residents and staff from the risk of COVID. These include:

  • Requiring all staff to undergo health screening prior to reporting to work
  • Screening all staff for symptoms and fever every time they enter our facilities 
  • Universal masking for all staff while they are in our facilities
  • Elimination of large resident group activities and communal dining
  • Zero visitation policy to help prevent transmissions from the community, except in end-of-life situations
  • Using virtual medical appointments whenever possible so that residents do not need to leave our buildings
  • Screening all new residents on admission for possibility of recent COVID exposure or infection
  • Regular disinfection of all units, nursing stations and treatment areas

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