UR Medicine Dermatology

Our Team

Our practice consists of eleven full-time faculty physicians and one nurse practitioner. Our physicians are certified by the American Board of Dermatology and hold full-time faculty appointments at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Our physician group includes a dermatopathologist, Dr. Glynis Scott.

In addition to these clinical faculty, the department also includes research faculty.

Physician Appointment Fax
Alice P. Pentland, MD Alice P. Pentland, MD

Department Chair
Adult Blistering Skin Disorders

585-275-7546 585-461-3509
Lisa A. Beck, MD Lisa A. Beck, MD

Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema, Urticaria/Hives

585-275-7546 585-461-3509
Mark D. Brown, MD Marc D. Brown, MD

Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Skin Cancer Treatment (Strong)

585-275-9208 585-275-0022
Maria Cordisco, MD Maria Cordisco, MD

Pediatric Dermatology, Vascular Birthmarks

585-275-7546 585-487-1188
Lindsey Brodell Dolohanty, MD Lindsey Brodell Dolohanty, MD

Medical Dermatology and Cutaneous Oncology/Cutaneous Lymphoma

585-275-7546 585-341-9536
Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD

Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Skin Cancer Treatment,
(Red Creek) Laser Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology

585-487-1440 585-334-5823
Mary Gail Mercurio, MD Mary Gail Mercurio, MD

Medical Dermatology, Vulvar and Hair Disorders

585-275-7546 585-461-3509
Art Papier, MD Art Papier, MD

Contact Dermatitis, Travel/International Dermatology

585-487-1400 585-487-1188
Glynis A. Scott, M.D. Glynis A. Scott, MD

Dermatopathology, Anatomic Pathology

585-275-8811 585-273-1346
  Jessica Severson, MD

General and Surgical Dermatology


585-344-4811 585-344-4812
Kathryn Somers, MD Kathryn Somers, MD

General Dermatology

585-275-7546 585-341-9536
Francisco A. Tausk, M.D. Francisco A. Tausk, MD

Psoriasis, Psychosomatic Dermatology

585-275-7546 585-461-3509

Medicine of the Highest Order