Robotic Surgery Center for Robotic Surgery & Innovation

About the Center

Quick facts on the UR Medicine Center for Robotic Surgery and Innovation

Robotic surgery centers may have the same robot, but that doesn't mean they are all the same.

Here are several things that make the UR Medicine Center for Robotic Surgery and Innovation your best choice:

Research. Most robotic surgery centers do not perform research. But the UR Medicine Center for Robotic Surgery and Innovation is a leader in research that is improving robotic surgery. The research we perform helps ensure that you are always on the leading edge of care.

Volume. We are one of the busiest robotic surgery centers in Western New York. Research shows that centers with the highest volume also have the best outcomes.

Specialization. Our center offers surgeons who are specialists in distinct disciplines, such as urology and gynecologic oncology. This specialization helps ensure that your surgeon has the highest level of expertise in the specific surgery you need.

Convenience. We offer surgery at three area hospitals: Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Hospital and Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua.

Technology. We offer the very latest da Vinci Robotic Surgery Systems at all three of our locations. Each of these systems is housed in a state-of-the-art operating room built specifically for robotic surgery.

Rigor. We are part of the University of Rochester Medical Center, the region's only academic medical center. This helps ensure the highest standards in every aspect of your care.

Expertise. We offer more robotic surgery experts than any area center. Many of our surgeons are also teachers, a role that requires the highest levels of knowledge, skill and mastery.

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