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Why UR Medicine for robotic prostatectomy

Why is the UR Medicine Center for Robotic Surgery and Innovation the right place for a robotic prostatectomy?

High volume. We are one of the highest volume centers in New York State for robotic prostatectomies. Research shows that centers with the highest volumes have the best outcomes for all types of medical care.

Leading-edge research. University of Rochester Medical Center is a leader in research that is making robotic surgery better. We are involved in outcomes research that tracks surgical outcomes in order to make consistent and measurable improvements. We are also involved in research on new technology that is helping to make robotic surgery simpler, safer and more effective.

Master surgeons. The best surgeons are called upon to teach others. At UR Medicine, our surgeons have the mastery required to teach other surgeons—both here and around the world. So you can feel confident our surgeons have the highest levels of skill and expertise.

Do you need to consult with one of our surgeons about robotic prostatectomy? Please call us at 585-275-2838.

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